Library Rules

The term 'Library' wherever it occurs in the passages below refers only to Dr. T.P.M. Library of the Madurai Kamaraj University located at Palkalainagar, Madurai - 625021.

Membership Eligibility

Students in regular courses only on the Palkalainagar campus, Research Scholars, Faculty Members having current affiliation to anyone of the Schools/Service Centres and, such Administrative Staff Members and Supportive staff members in permanent tenure of the Madurai Kamaraj University are eligible to become a member in the Library under the subscription and non-subscription categories as the case may be. Anyone belonging to the above approved category will have to fill up the Library membership card and obtain the signature of the Head of the Department/School, where they may be working or from the Registrar as the case may be. The incumbent on being accepted after satisfying the procedures will have to get the Library Card in person after signing in the register and in no case the card shall be sent through a nominee or an authorized person. Any deputed staff under contract/temporary tenure or borrowed service from other departments or universities shall have to obtain special permission from the Registrar for a limited period not exceeding one year or till the end of the tenure period and such members shall come under the membership fee category.

Entry into the Library

Any person intending to use the University Library and its resources in person, should present his/her personal Identity Card and necessarily furnish correct particulars at the Gate Register for entry into the library. It is recommended that the persons visiting the library should be decently dressed in such a manner others at the library may not object.

Reference & Periodical Sections

Reference and Periodical Sections are open to the Students, Scholars, Faculty Members, Administrative staff, visitors form the Affiliated Colleges and other institutions/ Universities besides General Public for reference during the normal working hours of the University Library.

Theses and Dissertations Section

Theses and Dissertations Section is open to members only on presenting his/her Identity Card and paying the due entry fees of Rs.10/- per day on each day of his/her entry.


INFONET service is free to a visitor. This Section is open to visitors only on presentation of his/her Identity card and paying Rs.10/- per hour for Internet access. Searching and downloading of retrieved information is at the freewill of the user totally free of cost. In case a visitor needs any service assistance from the library for downloading, expert assistance is provided on a payment of Rs.200/- by such members who may demand the expert staff service.

Membership Fee and Borrowing Facility

Any person coming under the category specified under section 1.1 is eligible to become a registered borrower in this library on a payment at Issue Counter of the Library a sum of Rs.200/- of which 50/- shall be refunded to the member on his/her withdrawal from the membership. The category of Faculty members alone are exempted from the membership fee only while all the other clauses applicable to other members are applicable to them also. A student on becoming a registered member of this library is issued with an Identity cum borrower card. Registered members are eligible to borrow such number of books as specified against their category under section 1.8 of the library rules. Books alone are for lending and in no case other category of materials like reference books, textbooks, periodical issues, newspapers and such materials as may be decided by the University Librarian may not be lent. The borrowing member should check and ensure the good condition of the book at the time of borrowing. Books borrowed by the registered member should be returned on or before the due date which is normally spanned for 14 days beyond which the delayed returned is liable for Overdue charges at the rate of Re.1/ per book per day.

Loss of Borrowed Library Books

In case of the report of any loss of library books by a member, the member/borrower shall have to replace the title with a current edition or the actual cost of the book in current exchange rates along with a payment of Rs.50/ and the overdue charges till such date on which the book or its cost reaches the University Librarian. Such payment equal to the price of the lost book shall be paid into the State Bank of India under No: I account of the Madurai Kamaraj University specifying 'for the loss of books and the accession number of the lost book' and the counterfoil should be submitted to the University Librarian. Payment through any other source other than the specified bank and account number shall not be accepted. The overdue charges related to the lost book(s) shall be paid at the Issue counter of the Dr. T.P.M. library as per rules governing Overdue Charges

Permissible Number of Books for Borrowing: Category-wise

The number of books lent to registered members against the borrower's card differs according to the status and designation of the categories and the details are given below:

  • Professor - 15
  • Associate Professor - 15
  • Assistant Professor - 15
  • Students (PG & MPhil) - 03
  • PhD scholars - 05
  • Administrative Staff members - 03

No Dues certificate

Every student and PhD scholars will have to obtain a No Due Certificate at the end of the course from the library after surrendering the Library Membership Card. Retaining the card by members after the completion of the course is treated unlawful and liable for Overdue charges. Members intending to apply for a No Due Certificate are required to surrender the Library membership ID card and borrowed books together at the Library Issue counter and fill up a printed application form obtained from the library. A member is required to pay Rs. 10/- and get an official receipt to avail the NO DUES certificate from the University Librarian. In case a member approaches the University Librarian for a duplicate of the No Due Certificate already issued, he/she will have to pay Rs.10/- for each of such subsequent issuance.

General Rules Governing Various Aspects

Readers are required to deposit their personal belongings at the property counter at the entrance of the library and obtain a token for such deposits.

Visitor/Members are instructed strictly not to keep valuable things such as Laptops/Mobile phones/important documents including cash/purse at the property counter. In no case, the Library can be held responsible for any loss of articles kept inside the bags. The library is unable to entertain any report of loss of materials like purse/valet or handbags left somewhere inside the library stack or any other section.

Underlining, scribing and tearing of pages or any other type of damaging of Books/ Periodicals are strictly prohibited.

Photocopying services are available within the library premises on payment of Re.1/ per page and the terms of payment is cash.

Readers are requested not to place the Books/Periodicals on the shelf after reference. They can leave them on the table.

Using of mobile phone inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

Personal books are not allowed inside the Library, whatever may be the purpose.

The University Librarian has all rights to recall the issued books back at any time if required.

Edibles are not allowed inside the library and it is highly recommended that cleanliness should be maintained inside the Library. Strict silence, decorum should be maintained inside the library. The University Librarian and/or the Library Committee, depending upon the extent and nature of a problem, shall consider and decide on such matters that may not find covered under the specifications in the present Library Rules.

Thank you very much for your kind co-operation

- University Librarian

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